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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Class 9: Performance and writing with music.

1. Jack Kerouac: American Haiku: video

2. Laurie Anderson: video

3. Amirki Baraka: Wailers: video

4. Patti Smith performs Howl: video and another Ginsberg poem

5. Gary Barwin: Inverting the Deer


1. Write a list poem. Each line begins: "The first time we met." 
Mention a river, an instrument, a regret, a dream, a place name.
Think of the Kerouac example above. Perform with saxophone.

2. Write a "Corrections" poem where you say what things are NOT. See Dani Couture's poem, here. Perform with music.

3. Imagine how you might integrate the following definitions--see below--in a poem. Think what Jack Gilbert did this, here.

4. Perform a text by setting it for multiple voices. Divide lines for performance in duos, trios, etc.
Voices can be in dialogue, dividing up lines, or words within lines. Performers can perform the same words together, or different words simultaneously. 

To blind by putting a hot copper basin near someone's eyes
Given to incessant or idiotic laughter
A person who is learning the alphabet
Excessive spending on food and drink
The practice of eating or drinking while lying down
An incestuous desire for one's sister
An incestuous desire for one's nephew
An incestuous desire for one's niece
Skilled writing on an unimportant subject
A pompous windy bore who pretends to have inspiration
A person who never laughs
The state of looking younger than one actually is
The wire that holds the cork in a champagne bottle
Prowling around with the intent to commit burglary
The marriage between a young woman and an older man
The practice of writing on one side of the paper
The act of mentally undressing someone
One who speaks or writes in a smug fashion about their own life and accomplishments
The worship of one's self
One who cuts their own hair
An overwhelming desire to neck or kiss
One who eats frogs
Speaking in a flattering or ingratiating manner
Pertaining to something poorly or disgustingly designed
To loudly hum or buzz continuously
The rumbling sound of gas passing through the intestine
Having a short nose
Strongly smelling perspiration
The low rumbling of distant thunder
Loud or hysterical laughter
A bad habit or insatiable urge
An unhappy marriage
Having well-shaped buttocks
To heap up into a pile
Slightly intoxicated or tipsy
Kissing using the tongue, French kissing
A sofa built for two people
An artfully veiled insult
Being attracted to a person's lips
An alternate title for a barber
The act of plundering food
Estimating a woman's beauty based on her chest
A secret meeting of people who are hatching a plot
One who loves doing crossword puzzles
The tip of the middle finger
Counting using one's fingers
The act or attitude of lying down
To throw out of a window
To burst open, as the pod of a plant
Pertaining to one who talks through their teeth
To make something fireproof
A second marriage after the death or divorce of a previous spouse
The act of beating or whipping school children
A woman who trains animals
One who fakes a smile, as on television
The act of removing obstructions from or cleaning bodily passages
A horses's attempt to remove its rider
The collective hisses of a disapproving audience
The state of being stuffed with food (overeating)
Suspended by a single thread
The categorising of something that is useless or trivial
Having a dark rusty colour
Being full of beer
Heavy tickling
The sensation caused by tickling
An idle spectator
A surgical sponge accidently left inside a patient's body
A double handful
The urge to stare at obscene pictures
The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you
The practice of constantly using the word "Hell" in speaking
Being likely to make a mistake
Pertaining to extremely long words
With honour

Speaking foolishly or saying silly things

(definition from here.)


November14 student work.

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